Career Counseling & Assessment Services

Are you a student walking through college aimlessly without a clear direction?

Are you a college graduate who still can’t find a job or a career direction?

Do you find transitioning into the workforce or a career a daunting experience?

Are you a young adult who wants to change career direction yet unsure what direction or how to do so?

College2Career offers professional career counseling to students and young adults. College2Career provides expertise in college majors, career options, career transitions, resume writing and LinkedIn profiles, graduate school letters of intent, interview preparation for jobs and graduate school, and job search strategies.

Recent research reveals:

Young Adults:

  • 32.1% of young adults are living in the home of their parents
  • Only 29% of young adults feel engaged and valued at work, 60% of young adults would consider leaving their jobs if they didn’t feel engaged at work
  • Only half of the young adults plan to be with the same company a year from now
  • 32% of 18- to 29-year-olds in the U.S. workforce are underemployed, meaning they are overqualified for their current job

College2Career will help you Iidentify an alternative career path, outline a new direction in your current career, and define the best corporate culture for you. Seeking career counseling can prove to be invaluable and can make all the difference to your success.


  • 45% of recent high school graduates earn a bachelor’s degree in six years
  • Nearly 60% of college graduates who completed a bachelor’s degree had attended two or more institutions prior to graduation
  • The annual price for undergraduate tuition at public colleges is estimated to be $17,131. At private colleges, the average tuition is estimated at $48,589
  • A career counselor can help your student make an informed choice in selecting a college major, an internship, and exploring career options. College is a huge investment in both time and money. Don’t waste either!

    CareerLeader Assessment

    Interview Preparation

    College2Career offers interview preparation for scholarships, job interviews and post graduate academic programs. The birthplace of success is where preparation meets opportunity.


    Resume Building

    The resume builders at College2Career provide advice and resources to candidates seeking a job or looking to transition into a new career. A professional resume will get your foot in the door.

    Value Assessment

    Career Assessments

    Our career assessment service is designed to help students and young adults find their direction and to make informed and sound decisions about a college major and career options through career assessments.

    Young Adults

    We can help identify an alternative career path or a new direction that your current career is missing. This requires a structured approach in order to make it as simple and successful as possible.

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