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Read what my clients have to say about the Highlands Ability Battery Assessment.

The Highland Ability Battery is an excellent tool to help reinforce who you really are and what your natural abilities are. There is no chance of creating a certain “personality”, because it is not a self-reported test like so many others out there. The 19 worksamples are just that: problems that you solve. I was amazed at the information I was given about myself from taking this test! I also really like that it is online and I could stop and come back at any time in between the worksamples. It ensured that I was fresh and focused for each problem.  I was able to divide up the time and take it when it worked best for me. Molly did an excellent job of going through my report, explaining each worksample and identifying different career options. I plan on having each of my three teenagers take the Highlands Ability Battery before they begin their college search!–Guidance Counselor

We were told the average college student changes his major 3 to 4 times during his college year, which leads to a fifth year.  With the dollars we are expending for college tuition, the cost of the Highlands is far less than an extra year at college.  The Highlands helped my first child, Michael, focus on exploring college majors that matched his skills.  Making our son aware of his natural abilities has resulted in his exploring new areas of academic learning.  The Highlands reaffirmed our second son, John’s, perception of his talents which made him far more confident in his academic choices.  His is taking ownership of his college pursuits and he is much more focused on finding internships in his area of interest.  Our daughter, Erin, was flip flopping majors and careers weekly.  The Highlands focused her attention to specific majors that match her natural abilities.  Now she is actively job shadowing two careers that match her abilities, skills and interests.  The Highlands Ability Battery helps students gain confidence, direction and enthusiasm for their life after high school.–Mother of three

The Highlands Ability Battery made all the difference in my son’s confidence. It seemed as though he just came out of his shell and was suddenly willing to try some things he had never done before. Molly gave him a game plan and that is what he needed! It was wonderful to see him stand so tall.–Mother of a college student

I want to express my sincere gratitude for the hard work and diligent efforts Molly put forth in helping me to identify a college major.  Before taking the Highlands Ability Battery, I had an idea of what I wanted to do but now I know what it is exactly.  I feel much more confident in knowing that I have the innate abilities to not only succeed in a career but also to love my career. I was fortunate to work with Molly and to gain a life time mentor!–High School Student

The Highlands Ability Battery for Adults put facts to what I knew intuitively about myself to be true.  I stopped trying to push myself in areas that were not natural for me.  I learned my observation abilities to my environment were low, ideas tend to swirl in my brain, and movement and hearing are my best learning channels.  With this knowledge my life is more focused.  This Battery also identified work roles that are natural and easy for me.  I now take on these roles at work and have seen my career grow in a new direction.–Marriage and Family Counselor