Discover Your Abilities with the Highlands Ability Battery for Students

  • What's my college major going to be?

  • What would I be happy doing with my life?

  • How can I match my dream to my education or job?

  • Am I making the right choices about my future?

  • Am I willing to walk through college aimlessly without a clear direction?

The Highlands Ability Battery

These are the big questions for many high school junior and seniors and college students making decisions about career directions.  ACT and SAT tests measure accumulated knowledge, but they do little to identify your unique and natural abilities or determine how you best learn, solve problems, and view the world.  Self-assessments inventories are accurate only 26.3% of the time.  Furthermore, over 80% of adults are currently working in a field unrelated to their college major.  With the rising cost of college tuition and the graduation rate at 59.5% for students who start at a public four-year college, and 64.6% rate at private colleges, you need a strategic plan.Unlike any other assessment test, the Highlands Ability Battery for Students is an objective assessment you take on your computer.  What’s more, the Battery does not measure the level of your achievements in specific subjects.  Instead, it measures your core intrinsic abilities – the abilities you were born with. Research shows that natural strengths and abilities are developed by age 15 and remain constant throughout all of our lives. Some of us are intuitive, quickly grasping broad concepts while others thrive on details, memorizing and understanding facts and formulae. Each of us falls somewhere along the spectrum.How do we measure all these abilities? By having you perform 19 different worksamples on your computer screen and keyboard. Each worksample asks you to do something – organize a group of related facts; find a common thread among seemingly unrelated objects; create a flow of new ideas; manipulate blocks in your mind; mentally poke holes in a piece of folded paper, unfold the paper, and find the holes; identify objects which are added or removed from a picture of common objects.The worksamples are timed, and your results are measured in part by the speed with which you perform each task. The Battery takes three hours to finish. It doesn’t have to be done at one sitting – you can go in and out after you finish a worksample.

When you finish the Battery, you will get a 32-page Report of your core abilities, including a bar chart showing your scores. Each score is expressed as a percentile which relates your score to the scores of all students who have completed the Battery. After you review the Report, you will participate in a three hour feedback session. This will help you link your abilities to the other factors that will influence your career.  These other factors are skills, interests, values, goals, family history, personal style and level of schooling.  In this way, we are able to see a picture of the Whole Person, especially as the other elements help us to understand and develop our abilities.I will develop a strategic plan that will help you to decide on the right college, what curriculum to follow, and what major career you will be most successful and will find fulfillment. The Highlands Ability Battery for Students helps you save valuable time, money, and heartache.

The Highlands Ability Battery will help you:

  • Identify how you learn best – by reading or listening or through
    graphics or movement
  • Determine whether you like to concentrate on one subject or
    prefer diversity
  • Discover how do you solve problems and make decisions
  • Determine what type of work and environment suits you best
  • Identify areas of study and career paths
  • Build self-confidence
  • Determine whether you think in the short or long term
  • Identify your perception of space, objects and spatial relations
  • Discover how quickly and spontaneously you generate new ideas