Job Hunt Strategizing for Students

Many students are worried about how they’ll finish college, and some students are even more worried about how they’ll find a job after college—especially given the current employment situation for recent college graduates. The most recent statistics show that 50% of college students were unemployed or working only part-time upon graduation in May 2014. Don’t allow your student to be that 50%!

For a new graduate who is looking for a job, it is always a “tough” market. Today’s market just happens to be a little more so. There is no magic formula for finding a job, but there are ways to take control of the process and enhance your odds of finding a job. The key is to start early! College2Career coaches students on job search strategies that will greatly improve your students’ odds of obtaining a full-time position in their career field.

College2Career will assist your student to:

  • Pinpoint career options
  • Identify connections and to network effectively
  • Research companies
  • Review the application and resume materials
  • Identify social media routes
  • Join professional organizations
  • Prepare for interviewing

Job Search Strategy Services: $85/hour

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