Interview Preparation Services

If you ask any career counselor the most important advice to give to anyone going for a job interview, they will tell you “preparation.” Interview preparation is often the difference between success and failure at a job interview, and yet most applicants go into interviews and wing it, making up answers on the fly without any degree of preparation beforehand. It is your best interest to thoroughly prepare for a job interview. One of the best ways to do this is to participate in several mock interviews.

A mock interview, also known as a practice interview, is a simulation of an actual job interview. It provides you with an opportunity to practice for an interview and receive feedback. College2Career will teach you how to answer difficult questions, develop interview strategies, improve communication skills, identify problems with the content or presentation of your responses, and reduce stress before an actual job interview.

Working with a professional at College2Career and getting feedback on your performance in a mock interview is similar to working with a sports coach to learn how to improve your game. Both will enable you to learn where your strengths lie and where you may need work to improve your performance. Time spent practicing will assist you greatly in either situation. An added bonus to preparing and practicing is the self-confidence you will gain.

You need to present yourself as a mature, articulate, and accomplished person who has made a thoughtful decision to interview for this job posting. College2Career provides interview preparation for young adults.

Interview Preparation Services: $85.00

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