Internship Placement Assistance for Students

Landing an internship is a great way to learn about what your student wants out of his college major. It is also one way of getting his foot in the door when it comes time to apply for a full-time job at a company. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers companies hire 75% of their interns.

As both an educator and career counselor, I get very frustrated when college students graduate and then tell me that they can’t get a job because employers disdain their lack of experience. College2Career provides internship placement for students. The typical college career center is inundated with thousands of students. College2Career will work 1:1 with your student and find the internship that will enhance skills and build the resume.

Top 10 reasons why students need to do internships:

  1. Employers increasingly see their internship programs as the best path for hiring entry-level candidates.
  2. Employers want to see experience in the new college grads they hire.
  3. Earn college credit and get paid for the internship.
  4. Internships enable you to take your career plan for a test drive.
  5. Gain valuable understanding of your major field and be better able to grasp how your coursework is preparing you to enter your chosen career.
  6. Develop skills galore!
  7. Gain confidence!
  8. Build your network.
  9. Build your resume.
  10. Get paid more when you graduate if you have done two or more internships.

Parents: Your college students must do several internships!

Internship Placement Assistance: $85/hour

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