College Scholarship Assistance for Students

Students can lower the cost of their college education with the help of scholarships and grants. These are sources of free money which never need to be repaid, making them the most desirable form of financial assistance. As the cost of tuition continues to rise, so does the importance of finding them.

The way scholarships and grants are awarded is based on varying criteria including academic major, extracurricular involvement, academic achievement, and financial need (grants). In addition, to general scholarships, financial awards for specific academic disciplines (career fields) are also available.

Many companies and professional organizations offer scholarship and grant programs for qualifying students. Here are some examples: professional associations, scholarship – focused nonprofits, foundations, advocacy and political organizations, large corporations, and social and community clubs.

Our scholarship counselor at College2Career provides advice and resources to candidates seeking scholarship assistance. Conducting a successful funding search takes time and effort. College2Career will start early and investigate all possibilities.

College Scholarship Guidance: $125/hour

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