College Guidance Counseling Services for Students

Meet the modern guidance counselor. Average caseload: 471 students to 1 guidance counselor, a proportion experts say has remained virtually unchanged for more than 10 years. And when it comes time to apply to college, all of the students need help at once.

At College2Career our experienced staff of guidance counselors, English teachers, learning specialists, and career counselors will guide you through the college admission process. One of the most obvious goals of the college guidance process is to help students identify, apply, and secure admission to colleges and universities that will meet their needs, nurture their talents and interests, and appropriately challenge them.  Equally as important is the development of decision-making skills, which allow students to successfully engage in and effectively own this process.  Not only does good decision-making increase the likelihood that students identify colleges that will prove to be a good match for them, but it also engenders a move towards self-awareness and self-sufficiency, attributes that are vital for young men and women entering adulthood.

College2Career offers individualized meetings for:

  • Academic Planning

The guidance counselor will plan a multi-year high school curriculum schedule to match the student’s potential college choices. In addition our guidance counselors will provide information about Florida Virtual classes, honors and honor gifted classes, AP classes, and dual enrollment.

  • Early College Awareness and Readiness

Discussions with the student and their parents including information on standardized testing timelines, volunteer hours and summer opportunities.

  • Introduction to College Admissions

Learn to speak the language of the college admissions process. Arm yourself with knowledge to take initiative, be proactive, and keep an open mind.

  • Researching Colleges & Finding the Fit

ForgetUS News and World Report; craft your own college rankings. During a family meeting, we will provide an individually crafted list of colleges for the student to consider. The initial list will be a launching point for planning college visits. Discover the schools that best fit your student’s goals and interests.

  • Preparing Applications and Meeting Deadlines

The most important aspect of the college application is attention to deadlines. We develop a method and time line for preparing materials and meeting application deadlines.

  • Requesting Recommendations

Letters of recommendations are required for nearly every college application. Select the strongest recommenders and provide your teacher/counselor with the tools to write a great letter on your behalf.

  • Writing a Personal Statement and a Resume

Young writers of all abilities struggle when asked to describe themselves while avoiding cliché. We provide tools and counseling that empower students to write clear, compelling essays before senior year begins. Create a resume that appropriately captures unique talents and interests. Emphasis will be placed on prioritizing achievements, professional formatting, and readability.

  • College Essay Writing Assistance

Assistance and coaching is provided to help students write essays with confidence and precision.

  • Financing College

Our staff helps families secure financially appropriate college matches. And, facilitate the financial aid process by explaining types of aid, assisting with forms and applications, and making sure you meet deadlines.

  • Student Athlete College Search

Find the right place for your student to excel at a sport. We search for college teams that match the skill level, direct you in meeting NCAA requirements and help you secure scholarship opportunities.

  • Making Decisions

Continued one-on-one counseling during the senior year to review college applications and to ensure informed, strategic decision making. Making confident decisions is a valuable by-product of a student-focused college search and application process. Deferred, denied, or wait-listed students may need to redirect their application plan. Other students may find choosing between two equally strong fits to be a real challenge. Counselors coach students to take action by making informed decisions.

College Guidance: $125/hour

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