Career Counseling & Assessment Services for Students

College2Career is a career counseling service that is designed to help students and young adults find their direction and to make informed and sound decisions about a college major and career options.

As a parent do you find yourself…..?

  • Upset that your student has changed his major several times.

  • Questioning if your student made a good choice in his field of study.

  • Frustrated your student is taking longer than 4 years to graduate college.

  • Bothered by your student’s poor grades.

  • Worried your young adult won’t be employable upon graduation.

  • Noticing after college graduation your young adult is still struggling with a career direction.

For students, choosing a college major and a career direction can feel like a monumental decision and at times, it can also feel like guesswork. College2Career utilizes the Highlands Ability Battery in combination with the Strong Interest Inventory to help students and young adults map out their interests and natural abilities and to show them how to incorporate those factors into choosing a college major and ultimately a career direction.

To measure natural abilities, College2Career administers the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB).  The HAB is a series of 19 exercises that measure and define your natural abilities. This is not like any other test your student has ever taken. In each exercise, the keyboard is used to solve a puzzle that measures a particular aptitude. Individuals find most of the exercises to be challenging and interesting.

The Strong Interest Inventory is utilized to measure interests, preferences, and personal styles – exactly the information your student or young adult needs to select a major or choose a career he can be passionate about!

By combining the results of both assessments, College2Career will have a career counselor help your student and young adult make an informed choice in selecting a college major and career options. The sooner you start the process the more time your student will have to determine which options fit him best and to take advantage of all that college has to offer. College is a huge investment in both time and money. Don’t waste either!

Career Assessments: $350 for the assessments & 2 feedback sessions

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