Highlands Ability Battery Assessment for Women

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Highlands Ability Battery Assessment for Women

The Highlands Ability Battery for Adults is the gold-standard among tools assessing human abilities or aptitudes. Developed from the pioneering clinical studies of Johnson O’Connor, it is a three-hour objective inquiry into the abilities and ability patterns of the individual who completes it. The key difference between the Highlands Ability Battery and other popular assessment tools is that the Highlands Ability Battery requires hand-on performance of objective online tasks that measure natural abilities, while the other tools are tests of personality types and usually depend on self-report and/or group appraisals.

The Battery consists of nineteen different worksamples. A worksample is a discrete timed task that has been especially designed and tested to measure one ability at a time. The individual’s score on each worksample establishes whether a particular task is more or less easy for that individual. Shown together on a personal profile and bar chart, the scores achieved by each individual reveal patterns or “clusters” of abilities which require analysis by a skilled interpreter. One example of an effective worksample would be a test designed to measure one’s natural way of thinking ahead – something we call “Time Frame.” For instance, what’s the distance between the time you make a decision and the time you can tolerate before you need to see a result? How far into the future do you think? Here is how it works: a person is presented with a puzzle and is asked to respond under pressure of time in a particular way to a series of line drawings. From the responses, we look at the normative data of those who have also taken this work sample and arrive at the percentile ranking. People who score high in Time Frame are people who seek out and do well in long-range planning and negotiations, strategic thinkers in organizations and people who have to negotiate long-term contracts. Now, people who score low are like “firemen” in an organization; it is almost as though they thrive in situations where they are asked to “put out fires.” Give them a problem to solve, give them a project that is broken, and let them get on it, turn it around, and get immediate results; that’s the key for Immediate Time Frame people. Now, this does not mean that if you score low in Time Frame you can’t think ahead. This is where skill comes in versus abilities. Skills are what you’ve learned through experience and training, so they’ve learned to do planning, but it just wasn’t easy or as stress-free and it didn’t come as automatically as being driven for results in the immediate. Time Frame is just one of many abilities tested.


When you finish the Highlands Ability Battery for Adults, you will get a detailed 32-page report of your core abilities, and a three-hour feedback session to explain the results of the test which is conducted in person or over the phone.

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Molly Carey Smith, M.A. is a career counselor who specializes in providing career assessments to help high school and college students identify college majors and career options and to help young adults transition more effectively in a new role or career. The Highlands Ability Battery, The Strong Interest Inventory and The Rutger's Value Assessment are the perfect tools to identify which college major and career options are the best fit. The more knowledge you have about yourself the more effective your life and career decisions will be. To contact Molly -