About College2Career



Molly Carey Smith, M.A. is the founder of College2Career, the leading career counseling private practice. College2Career uses a proven approach to identify a student’s talent resulting in greater self-awareness, and understanding personal strengths, to pinpoint high-potential college majors and career options that leverage personal strength and talent, and to investigate careers of interest beyond the typical surface analysis. As a certified practitioner, Molly uses “gold standard” assessments to help students make informed and sound decisions about college majors and career options. Studies have shown that students perform better in college, graduate within four years, less likely to transfer and willingly to obtain internships when they are pursuing a career direction that matches their innate abilities, strengths, interests and values. Molly also works with college graduates who are evaluating their options regarding employment or graduate education. Forty percent of recent college graduates are underemployed, working in jobs that do not require a college degree. College2Career evaluates and explores all options to transition these young adults into professional careers.

In addition, Molly provides career counseling and coaching to young adults to identify alternative career paths or a new direction in a current career. Seeking career counseling as a young adult, can prove to be invaluable and can make all the difference to your success.

Molly attended the University of Iowa and received her Master’s degree in Speech Communications in 1989. Molly helps students and young adults find a direction and make informed and sound decisions about college majors, career options, and career transitions.

Clients hire Molly when they need to develop a strategic game plan going into college when they are ready to re-enter the workforce or identify alternative career paths. What college or career challenges do you face? Call Molly today at (813) 494-7592 to learn how she can help.